DATE:  Sunday, April 29, 2018

SITE:  Haymarket Park

TIME:   4 p.m.

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  • Companies form ONE team of 8 runners – 4 men/4 women per team
  • Relay lap race with .79 mile course
  • Teams run laps for 2.5 hours; no lap begins after 2.5‐hour whistle
  • Teams MUST run in the same runner order
  • Winners determined by:
    1. Total laps
    2. Finish place on last lap

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Relay Race Runners –
Please review the important race day information below.
Check-In – 3 p.m.  The first team member to arrive will check in for the entire team and be given all race numbers.  Teams will decide which order they will run in.  Each team will need to run in race number order the entire race.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
Race Start – 4 p.m.
Runner Staging – Each team will be assigned a row at the stadium to stage in.  The rows are in Section 110 which is just to the south of the 1st base dugout.  Only runners will be allowed in Sec. 110.  Runners will proceed from the staging row to the dugout when they are next to run.  When their running teammate is on their final stretch along the warning track, the next runner up will proceed to the field exchange point.  Once the exchange takes place, the finishing runner will be pointed back into Sec. 110.  From there, runners can feel free to take a restroom/hydration break.  Teams are encouraged to have their next three runners in their row at all times.  We will have runner water coolers set up in the dugout for runners only.
Row Assignments are below:
Assurity – Sec. 110 Row 1
CHI St. E’s – Sec. 110 Row 2
Crete Carrier – Sec. 110 Row 3
Duncan Aviation – Sec. 110 Row 4
Legacy – Sec. 110 Row 5
Lincoln Airport Authority – Sec. 110 Row 6
Nelnet – Sec. 110 Row 7
SCC – Sec. 110 Row 8
Zoetis – Sec. 110 Row 9