Q:  What exactly is the Corporate Games?
A:  The Corporate Games is a company-based competition, taking place in the Summer of 2017, that enables and supports teamwork, company pride and corporate wellness through healthy competition. There are multiple events offered that include both competitive and non-competitive sports and events. All events will be held in the evenings or on the weekends.

Q:  What are we competing for?
A:  Companies will compete for travelling trophies and plaques for special awards, including, but not limited to OVERALL PARTICIPATION, MEDALS EARNED, ETC.

Q:  Will small companies have to compete against large companies?
A:  No.  Divisions for Small, Medium and Large Companies will be broken down after all companies have enrolled to be a part of the Corporate Games.  The goal is to make this as fair as possible for all companies.

Q:  How will we know how are company stands compared to other companies.
A:  There will be a leaderboard that will be broken down by division where employees can track their participation and medal counts during the Games.

Q:  What sports/events are offered?
A:  There are 60+ sports/events to choose from.  Any sport within the Cornhusker State Games (www.CornhuskerStateGames.com) and/or the Mud Run (www.nebraskasportscouncil.com/mudrun) are eligible events.

Q:  How do you know I’m competing for my company?
A:  All enrolled companies will be issued a Company Code that will link your entry to your company.  Companies will market that code through email, posters, etc. to all employees.  When you register for the CSG or Mud Run, you will enter that code at Checkout.

Q:  Who can participate?
A:  Any employee or immediate family member (spouse or child) of any company that has enrolled to be a part of the Corporate Games.

Q:  How does it work with team sports?
A:  Only teams that are 100% employees or immediate family members of employees of enrolled companies are eligible.  Example:  John Doe from XYZ Inc. can enter a team of co-workers and be eligible to count for XYZ Inc.’s count.  But, John Doe cannot be a member of a team of non-co-workers and count.

Q:  What does it cost to get involved?
A:  It varies.  Each sport in the CSG has a different entry fee.  But, some companies will pay part or all of the entry fees for their employees.  That’s up to each company.  However, all entry fees are nominal and include special perks like a T-Shirt, free meals/drinks, sponsor gifts, CSG Opening Ceremonies pass and other perks.

Q:  Can our Non-Nebraska employees compete for our company?
A:  Yes.  Anyone can compete in the Mud Run, but non-Nebraskans are limited to the following sports in the Cornhusker State Games:
    - 5K Road Race
    - Adventure Race
    - Armwrestling
    - Chess
    - Cycling – Tour
    - Fishing
    - Skydiving
    - CSG Walk, CSG Mallwalk or WalkOmaha